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Payoff Kaki®

Jewelery and fine design creations handcrafted in Italy.

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The gift you were looking for. For yourself or for your loved ones.

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Each product is handcrafted as soon as it is sold. This means that we only produce what is needed.

We follow this simple mechanism to avoid overproduction. By minimizing waste, we help the environment. Our main goal.

This process requires longer preparation and shipping times.

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We transmit Happiness through the care of the Little Things. We bring people back to the beauty of life: the nature. 

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Do you want to make a special moment unique?

Choose our creations for events and corporate gifts! Contact us for a free quote.

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Anti Covid-19 measures

  • We regularly disinfect workstations.
  • We assemble and package our products wearing disposable gloves and FFP2 mask.
  • The raw materials are sanitized with specific products that do not alter the technical and aesthetic characteristics.
  • We make sure that all our suppliers adopt the same measures through sample audits along the entire production chain.

These procedures inevitably involve greater effort and longer than usual order processing times.

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