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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the shipment of your order may be delayed compared to the standard deadlines.

We at Kaki® will do our best to process orders quickly, giving top priority to the health of your products


What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is a tree, any of the available species, which is treated properly in a particularly small container (pot) and which, with adequate agronomic practices, does not grow that much.

Isn't it cruel to change Nature?

Premise: what is really cruel is to forget about Nature and then call it Ecology, wrongly. Nature is one thing and ecology is another thing. The latter, in our opinion, should be the deep understanding of Nature and how to safeguard it without directly intervening.

Answer: No, it's not cruel.

Plants, if treated as recommended, grow and do not suffer. So it depends on you, it depends on how you interact with them. A little air, water, a lot of love and understanding and you will find your Human side.

I bought from you as a gift, what should I do when I receive the order?

If you do not have to deliver the gift to the recipient immediately, open the box (it is not sealed) and place the creation in a bright environment (not in direct sunlight).

If you have purchased a product from the Kaki collection, you must water after 30 days of delivery date. For a product of the Marimino collection, after 10-15 days delivery date.


Do the plants grow?

Sure they grow, slowly, but they do. It is important to give them balance. Water, air, temperature, exposure and love in the right relationship. As with many other things, if there is no balance, there can be no growth.

How are the Bianchi La Felicità jars created?

Each blown glass jar is handcrafted in our Bergamo laboratory.

Any small imperfections and misalignments are to be considered a value of the product and proof of the craftsmanship of the product.
For example: slight dots or roughness on the surface, irregular shape, slight misalignment in the polycarbonate base with respect to the glass ring etc.

The base is not permanently bound to the blown glass cover. Do not take it off and put it on continuously to avoid the creation of micro-fractures and surface tensions. It is not necessary to remove the plant from the glass ring to proceed with immersion watering.

All our pieces, before being shipped to your home, are subjected to QC (quality control) to verify that each piece falls within our strict criteria of acceptability. For any clarification in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do plants suffer?

No, they don't suffer. The capsule has 4 small holes on the bottom, through which it is possible to give them water by immersion.

One of my bonsai has lost a few leaves. What should I do?

Our bonsai are constantly shedding leaves and regenerating them. It is part of their life cycle.

To water my Kaki plant, is it necessary to remove it from the capsule or the jars supplied?

No, it's not necessary! However, it is recommended not to wet the wooden jar of the “Wooden Jar” product.

How do I know when to water my Kaki plant?

From the date of delivery, wet the plant after thirty days. Remember to repeat this operation regularly and on a monthly basis.

Can I water my Kaki seedling with running water?

We recommend using demineralised water. Alternatively, allow the water from the mains water to settle for at least 72 hours.

When I'm not wearing Kaki “Capsule” where can I store it?

If not worn, place the capsule vertically in a bright environment. Avoid wearing the necklace during shower, swimming pool, sea etc.

A slight condensation has formed on my Kaki "Capsule", what should I do?

Remove the base with the plant and leave it for a few minutes in the air. Dry the polycarbonate capsule with a microfibre cloth. Do not clean the Capsule with detergents, which would immediately make it opaque.

How can I remove the bonsai base from my Kaki "Capsule"?

There is no need to remove the base from the capsule to water the little Kaki®. Just immerse the capsule in a few millimeters of water for 10 minutes, once a month.

If your plant has overgrown and you want to prune / transfer it, you can remove the base from the capsule. Like?

With one hand hold the blown glass / polycarbonate capsule (be careful not to apply too much pressure), with the other hand take the base and rotate it a quarter of a turn clockwise / anticlockwise. You will see that by applying a slight downward pressure, the base releases from the capsule.

To put the base back inside the capsule, repeat the same procedure, in reverse.

Make sure the base is secure when reinserted.

When it grows, can I transplant my Kaki bonsai?

Yes, you can, using common cactus soil as a substrate. It is recommended to perform this operation with the help of tweezers, in order not to damage or irreparably break the slender roots.


In case I want to extract the seaweed, what can I do?

In the unlikely event that the algae dies or for various reasons you want to extract it, you can proceed with a small forceps for contact lenses or for aesthetics.

My Marimino arrived with a small white spot / stripe ... Is it broken?

Absolutely not, the white spot on the delivered Marimino does not represent a defect of the Marimino. The white spot / stripe present on the small Marimo is nothing more than the ORGANIC substrate on which the Marimo is grown and taken root. The Marimo in its growth, if properly maintained, produces filaments that cover the organic culture substrate.

My Marimino arrived with a small white spot / stripe ... Is it broken?

Absolutely not, the white spot on the delivered Marimino does not represent a defect of the Marimino. The white spot / stripe present on the small Marimo is nothing more than the ORGANIC substrate on which the Marimo is grown and taken root. The Marimo in its growth, if properly maintained, produces filaments that cover the organic culture substrate.

How can I change the water in the Marimino?

Pay particular attention when changing the water: it is recommended to use a dropper pipette as a jet / stream of water that is too strong would damage the small algae.

Can i leave my Marimino in a dark environment?

In nature, the Marimo lives in the lake bottoms, so it is used to being in not too bright environments.

It is possible to keep it in the dark (not completely) for max 10-15 days

 The important thing is that it stays in a cool environment. The Marimo suffers from the heat!

Is Marimo's greatness defined by their age?

No, our Marimo's come from European aquaculture. We do not take them from nature as they have been classified as a protected species.

Our business is also carried out with a focus on safeguarding the Marimo.

The Marimino gasket is finished inside the bubble, how do I extract it?

In the unlikely event that during the water change, when the sphere is uncorked, the gasket comes off the cap and ends up inside the glass sphere, remove it with the aid of common aesthetic or contact lens tweezers (a toothpick is sufficient) .

All caps are flared to prevent the gasket from slipping off as much as possible. However, due to the pressure that is generated, it can happen.

We prefer not to use adhesives (glue) to glue the gasket to the cap to safeguard the health of the small algae contained.
Each Marimino is handcrafted and each cap is combined with the sphere. If in possession of more units the caps are not interchangeable.

Alga Ball

What is the difference between Alga Palla and Marimo?

Alga Palla and Marimo are synonymous. Marimo is a term of Japanese origin. Alga Palla is our way of calling it.

How is it treated?

You can find all the information about Care and Dedication at this link


Known of the dry leaves. Can they come off and fall off?

Yes, during the various cycles the older leaves give way to the newer ones.

Is it difficult to cure?

If you don't have a green thumb, this plant is definitely ideal for adding a touch of green to your home or office. It does not require the care and attention that typically must be reserved for plants.

Be amazed by its transformation!

How much does it grow?

A few mm per year. It depends a lot on the environment and on the substrate where it is placed. In the home environment, growth is very limited.

How long does he live?

Even over 50 years. If stored in optimal conditions. We consider it the perfect plant for those with black thumbs!

What water can i use?

It is always preferable to use limescale-free water (just boil the water from the mains). Or use purified water.

Can it live without soil?


Does it always turn green when it opens?

Not necessarily, it depends on the water temperature and environmental conditions (humidity, etc.).

Where to place the plant?

Place the plant in a bright area and with a temperature that does not drop below 15 ° C. In addition to beautifying the environment, it is known to perfume and purify the air from unpleasant odors.

Stella must be kept indoors or in the office. Not on the terrace or garden!


How is my Kakidama ™ shipped?

We ship using safe packaging, specifically designed to ensure the well-being of the plant. The packaging is in recycled cardboard, with non-toxic ecological printing. We use the Express Courier service of Mail Boxes Etc. Read more here

When should I wet it for the first time?

We suggest you wet it after 30 days of delivery. In hot weather you can also cool by spraying the moss ball every 2 weeks. Read more

How long does he live?

Kakidama ™, when in optimal conditions, can keep you company for many years. Just like a succulent plant in a pot!

Is it growing? If so, how much?

Yes, in a very limited way. The “bonsai effect” comes into play. Attention, if the root system should peep out of the moss, cut with the help of a small scissor. Being careful not to cut the thread or twine used to make the ball. 

What water should I use?

We suggest using sprayed water that has been decanted at least 24 hours. If you are in a hurry, use bottled water (not an ecological choice!).

Is Kakidama ™ made with ecological materials?

We have chosen to use only top quality materials, 100% eco-sustainable and recyclable

To tie the moss ball we used organic cotton and jute thread.

We use jute as it is a natural textile fiber and much more resistant than the common twine, which many use to create Kokedama.


What are the delivery options?

You can choose between standard delivery (48-72 working hours) or express delivery (24 hours). We invite you to view and read our shipping and returns page for detailed information

What are the delivery times?

The working day of a courier generally runs from 8 in the morning until 18 in the evening.

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email from our logistics partner MBE Mail Boxes Etc. with the code to track your package.

When will my order be shipped?

From the time of purchase to shipping, usually 3-4 days pass. More info here

How long does it take to ship and what are the costs?

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