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Kakidama ™ by Ortisgreen - Erica


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The Kokedama: a legend that comes from distant Japan

Each Kakidama ™ is unique and created with love especially for you!

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Stabilized Kakidama ™ created in collaboration with the Ortisgreen company of Bergamo!

The plant is 100% natural. Plant stabilization is a unique process totally ecological which consists in replacing the natural sap with a preservative. This substance, similar to sugar, is 100% biodegradable.
Thanks to this technique of natural conservation, the plant retains its flexibility and freshness without any need for maintenance. It does not require pruning, particular conditions of light and heat or other treatments. You can place the Kakidama ™ wherever you prefer!

The Kakidama ™ is kept in a small terracotta saucer created in our laboratory in Bergamo.

It is shipped in secure packaging. The moss ball is attached to the terracotta base with a tip of glue for a better aesthetic presentation. Do not disconnect! If necessary, it is possible to re-point the position of the Kakidama in the base with a new tip of glue (for porous surfaces or stick everything).


  • Height: 10cm
  • Diameter (with saucer): 4cm

Package contents:

  • Kakidama ™ by Ortisgreen Stabilized Erica
  • Recycled cardboard box and ecological / non-toxic inks


The Kokedama: a legend that comes from distant Japan
An ancient legend tells that a Japanese farmer in extreme poverty, unable to afford to buy earthenware pots to make bonsai, wrapped his plants in spheres of fertile and draining earth, then covered them with moss and created the first Kokedama of history.

What is a Kokedama? 
Kokedama is a plant that emerges from the top of a sphere covered with moss. It is possible to make it with all plants, although it is preferable to use those with small dimensions.

The roots are wrapped in a special handmade substrate until they take the shape of a sphere (other geometric shapes can also be created) and then covered with natural live moss. Everything is tied with twine and cotton thread.